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The Revolution Has Been Digitized

I am writing a new book entitled The Revolution has Been Digitized – a Toolkit for the Future of Museums. I can hardly wait to bring it out into the world and share it with you.

It takes inspiration from by my six years as Associate Director of Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History. It will be published by the American Alliance of Museums with Rowman & Littlefield in 2022.

The book takes the readers behind the scenes to learn how the American Museum of Natural History innovated visitor digital engagement through a public-facing iterative design process while highlighting design techniques used both there and at museums around the world.

Based on the bleeding-edge work I was fortunate enough to lead, readers will learn how to apply my Five Tools of Digital Design and take inspiration from rich and engaging case studies that span both subject matter (like constellations, microbial life, and dinosaur fossils) and digital engagement (through tools like mobile apps, augmented reality, and telepresence robots).

Each case study will be enhanced with and contextualized by readings on related work from a wide range of museums.

The book will be designed to be used as a resource – for a designer or instructor to dig deeper into a particular subject area or digital tool– or it can be read from beginning to end to provide a more comprehensive experience.

Woven throughout will be biographical elements that highlight my process of getting into (and out of) a museum, providing one model of a career in the field for those seeking advice or whom enjoy a compelling yarn.

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