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Writing is a passion of mine.

Below are a few of the many ways I pursue it.


When I started worked at the American Museum of Natural History, I created a new social media persona, Mooshme (backstory on the name here) through my new Twitter feed and blog. I use my blog to explore the intersections of digital media and museum-based learning, focusing on both my work at the Museum but also best practices from around the world (both in and outside the cultural space). I post reports, updates from programs, interviews with people I admire, and review exciting things I find out in the world. During my time at the Museum I posted nearly 400 posts and attracted over 1,200 Twitter followers.


In 2018 I published my first book, Seltzertopia: The Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Drink. It can be found on Amazon and can be followed on the Seltzertopia blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.


DMLcentral is a collaborative blog and curated collection of free and open resources produced by the Digital Media & Learning Research Hub, which is dedicated to analyzing and interpreting the impact of the Internet and digital media on education, civic engagement, and youth. From 2009-20127 I was a paid  columnist, posting 4-6 times a year. Check out the post archive here.


When I find a topic of interest, I often write for different publications, most often The Forward. Starting in 2003, my list of articles have addressed such topics as the relationship between playwright Tony Kushner and children’s author Maurice Sendak, the joy of home-made seltzer (which led to my book Seltzertopia), the untold history of Rummikub, and more.


Sometimes I write for the field in print, as chapters in books or industry publications. Examples:

My chapter in the 2008 MacArthur Foundation series on digital media and learning. My chapter, in the Ecology of Games book, and is available free online, was called, “Why Johnny Can’t Fly: Treating Games as a Form of Youth Media Within a Youth Development Framework.”

I wrote a report that offered a high level overview of the concept of Edge Work in digital learning, after partnering with four libraries, four museums, two youth jails, and one after school provider. An edited version of these worked examples also came out in 2012 as a chapter in the book The Participatory Cultures Handbook co-written with Kelly Czarnecki.

Some other highlights include:

  • Technology in museums for Dimensions magazine
  • “Gaming the Future” in Threshold Magazine
  • Meeting of Minds: Cross-Generational Dialogue on the Ethics of Digital Life with Harvard University and Common Sense Media
  • Three Worked Examples: “Introducing the Educational use of Digital Media into an Unmediated Art Space,” “Leveraging Digital Media to Create a Participatory Learning Culture,” and “How Using Social Media Forced a Library to Work on the Edge in Their Efforts to Move Youth From ‘Hanging Out’ to ‘Messing Around.’”

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