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Youth Development

I became a youth development professional through on-the-job training at Global Kids, when I began there in 2000, and expanded my capacities in the Education Department at the American Museum of Natural History.

I developed expertise in leading from a strength-based perspective, designing course curricula, developing caring but firm mentor relationships, supporting youth to reach their potential, and harnessing those essential class-room management skills.


Since 2000, I have facilitated over 1,000 hours of youth engagement, first with Global Kids, working with youth in under-resourced communities to develop their leadership skills on global issues, and then at the American Museum of Natural History, with a wide-range of youth pursuing their interest in science. Most recently I have been co-leader of my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.


I work with youth to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. I help them develop evidence-based reasoning, essential digital literacies, design skills, and public speaking and other leadership skills, all while providing them opportunities to learn from and work alongside professionals.


I have dedicated myself to supporting youth to become informed about topics (like global issues or areas of science) then develop the required skills to make a positive impact on others. Sometimes this means they co-develop media to have an informed and positive impact on others (such as the augmented reality activity sheets Dreams of the Haida Child used at AMNH). Sometimes it means taking them to speak at professional conferences (like Games For Change, and the Association of Science-Technology Centers, among others) and overseas (like Croatia, South Africa, and around the U.S.). Other times it just means holding out high expectations and treating them with respect.